Porter Cable 362V Belt Sander Reviews


It is a professional tool which provides users with 12 amp motor to give professional power. In order to get the best level of balance and maximum performance, the motor of the device is ideally located right over the platen. The system is perfectly designed for the purpose of flush sanding right up to the vertical surfaces.

People have got enormous variety to choose the belt sanders as several manufacturers have stepped in with various quality models of the equipment. The Porter Cable is a relatively new model in the field, but it has made its presence felt due to its individuality and the quality belt sander introduced which is trusted by some good number of people.

Their belt sander produces good enough power and it comes with variable speed feature. You will have the ease in using the equipment with the help of the user manual and the ideal design would help you to make it a useful option in a variety of projects. The professionals would surely love this product for a variety of limited jobs as this is just so convenient and versatile to use.

Key Features:

This one is an outstanding variable speed belt sanderthat has a powerful motor of 12 Amp. The variable speed dial of the equipment could adjust the speed levels of the tool in the range of 1000 to 1500 Surface Feet per Minute (SFPM). The dust bag that comes with this sander is of reasonably large capacity and it can swivel 360 degrees in order to stay clear from your way while using the product. The system has some really amazing ergonomic handles which could be used conveniently all day for comfortable use and also allows better control over the tool.

This one has an ideal design for supporting the flush sanding right up to for the vertical surfaces. Furthermore, it also has a lever for quick belt release for the belt changing purposes. The package of this belt sander tool comes with a 100G belt, dust bag and a useful and easy to understand product operating manual. The product is trustworthy and the manufacturer offers it with an easy to claim 3 years warranty.


  • The product has an excellent motor with a power of 12 Amp. It is reasonable and wouldn’t trouble you with performance deterioration in a variety of limited belt sanding related projects. You can use it for a varied range of task you might have to work on and it would not let you down.
  • The variable speed is controlled with the use of a knob which is ideally placed in the handle for your convenience. You could exploit it with ease, to adjust the speed of the equipment at your desirable level. It is a plus point for those who have to work on complicated task that require different speed levels.
  • The motor of the equipment is ideally located just over the platen which allow the user with maximum performance and ideal balance of the tool.
  • You will find the price of the product to be reasonable enough for the features and the quality it offers. Further, it is also backed with 3 year warranty.
  • The dust collection bag used is spacious and the good thing is that it wouldn’t trouble you by coming in your way while using the tool as it could swivel 360 degrees.


  • The cord for this tool is just 7 feet in length, which is a too limited size, for the product and its affects its maneuverability big time.
  • The noise level of this product is too high for a motor of 12 Amp. So, that might be a little bit of trouble for the user and also the people around him.
  • The dust bag is inappropriately placed and it isn’t securely clipped with the system. There is a possibility of the dust bag shooting up to your face while using the equipment. Though, its not a usual happening, still the chances are there as told by the users.


The good belt sander equipment from Porter Cable is a variable speed one with conveniently placed speed knob and excellent speed range offered for a 12 Amp motor. The ergonomics and the design of the product are excellent. However, it is the inappropriate placement and clipping of the dust collector bag and the shorter cable length which troubles the majority of the users. But as far as the performance of this sander is concerned, it gives what you need.

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