Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander Reviews


The belt sanders can take on a variety of jobs and multiple roles when it comes to the smoothening up of different surfaces. It is the best choice for giving the finishing touches on different types of wood and some other projects as well. Makita manufacturer is world known for its impressive power tools and the belt sander machines is one of their top specialties.

Their 3 x 21 inch variable speed belt sander is a top product with numerous quality features. It is an optimal choice of various professionals such as the carpenters, woodworkers, furniture makers, deck builders, floor installers and a number of other general contractors who require a top performing belt sander. If you are unaware about the pros and cons of this equipment, then this review of the product will give you unbiased and detailed information regarding the product.

Key Features:

belt sander reviews

This variable speed belt sander from Makita maker is a powerful yet a compact device suitable for a variety of projects. It comes with a reasonably powerful motor of 8.8 Amp and produces noise levels as low as 85 DB. It has a dial for controlling the variable speed which allows the users to use the equipment as per the requirement of the job. The machine is equipped with an automatic tracking system of the belt, which doesn’t require any kind of belt adjustment to be made.

The product has an innovative design with an ergonomic front grip providing users with comfortable usage of the equipment. The dust bag is installed in order to provide users with a cleaner work environment. Further, it has a reasonably long power cord of more than 16 feet in length, which allow users with easier maneuverability of the equipment. If you consider all these features and trust them to be of good quality then you will also find the price of this product to be reasonable.Pros

  • The motor of this compact belt sander is powerful enough to be, at 8.8 Amp for looking after numerous belt sanding jobs in different project domains. You can rely on this gadget for most of your sanding needs, no matter how difficult is the task.
  • The product facilitates the user with a convenient dust bag which collects all the dust produced during the operation and keeps the working environment relatively cleaner.
  • The equipment comes with a power cord of 16.4 feet so you will have the ease of using the product easily with convenient maneuverability. You can easily place it where you feel most comfortable to work with it.
  • The belt sanders are usually used for some long jobs and that can be a tiring experience. But, it is equipped with a comfortable front grip which will not let you get tired after hours of using this product. In this way you can work for a longer time without compromising your comfort and task quality.
  • The major issue that a lot of people faced with such machines is the amount of noise that they produce and they are generally known to be quite loud. But, this one with its powerful performance is relatively quiet and produces a noise of just 85 DB. You can use it without creating any disturbance around you and it would not pose any hazard to your hearing also.


  • The machine considerably lacks power when it is used with the coarse grit belt.
  • The speed adjustment knob is very inconveniently placed as it gets coated with the dust quite quickly after a few minutes of using the system.
  • The product doesn’t come in any casing which makes it harder for storage purposes or carrying it in between different places. You may have to find a proper place for it or a box.


This is an excellent variable speed professional belt sander from Makita manufacturer. It has a reasonably powerful motor with low noise levels and comfortable front grip to work with. The product doesn’t come in any suitable casing which is a negative thing and the placement of the speed adjustment knob is also not ideal. The rest of the features are helpful for the user and you would not regret buying it.

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