Key Features:

  • Everything about the Grizzy H6070 makes clear that it’s designed for fine woodworking. It’s the baby in Grizzly’s family of combo sanders, but don’t underestimate it. The base is right at one square foot and it’s only sixteen inches tall.
  • The H6070 is light, too: it only weighs 18 pounds. It’s nice to have a light combo sander that can be moved from place to place or tucked away easily. The base has a hole in each corner, allowing the user to screw the sander onto a wooden workbench. That will help keep the small, light machine stable while it’s in use. And even though it’s small and light, it has almost no vibration when running. The H6070 is also surprisingly quiet.
  • A 1/3 horsepower electric motor powers the H6070. The belt sander can get up to 3,150 square feet per minute. That is triple what some industrial belt sanders can do. The disc sander can run around 3,450 revolutions per minute. Again, this number greatly exceeds what larger belt sanders can do. In fact, the smaller size of the belt and disc are what allows these high speeds.
  • The machine’s housing and moving parts are constructed of durable punched steel. Most of the handles, levers, and dials are heavy-duty plastic; be careful because the plastic will not withstand abuse like the steel. The attractive sea foam finish is epoxy—no chips or scratches. The on/off switch has a safety key that must be inserted before the machine turns on. Some simple assembly—a few screws here, some bolts there—is required out of the box


The H6070’s main attraction is the 1”x30” belt sander. This size belt is perfect for sanding small wooden carvings, or doing piece-by-piece finishing before assembling a larger project. There’s plenty of space behind the belt so that the user can work the belt into a notch for inside sanding.

The 1”x30” belt is a fairly common size in smaller bench-top sanders, so the belts are never hard to find. Most belts in this size will be aluminum oxide, which is best for wood surfaces. It is, after all, a woodworking sander first and foremost. Zirconium belts, which are better for metal, are also available.

The sanding belt has a nifty work table right in front of it that measures 5 1/8”x5 1/8”. The table is fixed in a position that is precisely perpendicular to the belt. This means the belt can be used to square off small work pieces without a jointer or planer.

A nice feature on the H6070 is that the belt sander’s table is adjustable. The table tilts down to 45⁰. There is a stop built in so that the table rests solidly at 90⁰. There is another stop at 45⁰. Anything in between can be measured against a small sticker that’s graduated in 5⁰ on the side of the sander. The table can be a tad wobbly at anything other than 45⁰ or 90⁰, so be cautious about applying too much pressure on it in any other positon.

There is six inches of exposed belt between the table and the upper housing. So the maximum area that can be sanded at once is 1”x6”.


The second part of this combo sander is the sanding disc. It is a five inch disc: a nice sized companion to the one inch belt. Exactly half of the disc is covered by the housing, so total sanding area is half the five inch disc (just under 10 square inches).

Like the belt, the disc has a work table situated right in front of the sanding surface. The disc’s table is larger than the belt’s; it measures 4”x7 5/16”. Like the belt’s table, it can be tilted out to 45⁰ and has a convenient scale for setting an exact angle. It has stops at 90⁰ and 45⁰ and is somewhat wobbly in other positions. This table basically works the exact same as the belt’s table.


Like most bench-top belt sanders, the H6070 was designed to funnel sawdust towards the back of the machine. It is unique, however, in that two different sizes (1 ¾” and 1 13/16”) of vacuum ports are available. Both are common vacuum hose sizes. Plug a shop vacuum in and keep the workplace clean.

Grizzly has managed to design a powerful little sander that comes in a small package. This unit is perfect for fine woodworking, sharpening knives and screwdrivers, and other small sanding projects. As long as the user doesn’t try to force pieces that are too large on it, the H6070 is up for anything you can throw at it.

Grizzly is confident in the H6070’s performance. As long as the machine is bought directly from Grizzly, they offer a one year warranty on any defects. And there are reports of broken knobs and levers; it happens, they’re plastic.


Overall, the H6070 is an amazing deal. It brings professional level sanding power to the hobbyist. It’s incredibly versatile, packed with great features, and comes at an unbelievable price. This tool’s sure to fit in well in any garage or workshop.

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